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CastleOS REST Web Services API
CastleOS offers two REST web service endpoints: the Unsecured Service, and the Secured Service. This page offers the built in ability to try the REST methods in each service. In order to use the "Try it Now" functionality, you must load this page from a computer running the CastleOS Core Service.
Unsecured Service
The purpose of the Unsecured Service is to provide a login page to your user. Once logged in, a security token will be generated that is then used in combination with the username to access the Secured Service.
Secured Service
The Secured Service allows complete control over the CastleOS system to authenticated users. For examples of how to authenticate with the service, click here.
In order to use the "Try it out!" feature with Secured Service methods, you'll need to enter a valid username and security token below. You can get those values by using the AuthenticateUser_PlainText method in the User Authentication section above.
Username:      Token: