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CastleOS feature spotlight
With CastleOS Scenes you can save your favorite moods and lighting settings to be easily recalled from the app.
Not only can you set lights and other devices on and off, with dimmable lights you can save the brightness as well!
Have Philips Hue color changing lights? You can save the color of each bulb as part of a scene as well!
Perhaps the best feature is one our competitors do not offer: scene learning.
Scene Learning is one of the many intelligence features of CastleOS that make automating your home a simple affair.
Simply add the lights, bulbs, and other devices you like to a scene, then use the physical light switches and apps to set them just how you want them.
Then with one button press on the "Learn Scene" button of the Add Scene wizard, and CastleOS automatically learns the state of each of the devices you selected!