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CastleOS feature spotlight
Voice Control
You've never seen voice control like this before!

Well, unless you happen to have seen our founder demoing the system on the Discovery Channel...
As you can see in the video, CastleOS offers a whole-home voice control system that allows you to conveniently speak out loud from anywhere in your home.
To accomplish this, we leverage the power of the incredible Microsoft Kinect along with our own custom software to provide the best voice control experience possible, bar none.
CastleOS offers the most powerful and most flexible voice control available, "out of the box". CastleOS automatically recognizes thousands of natural-language commands that you can speak, and automatically recongizes each of your smart devices by name.
For instance, you can say "computer, turn on the living room chandelier" or "computer, turn on the master bathroom lights". You can even set a "master" light for each room, and simly say "computer lights" to toggle the lights on and off!
In addition, we also offer the ability to add your own custom voice commands that then run custom C# scripts, allowing you literally unlimited flexibility in what you can do with your voice!