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CastleOS feature spotlight
CastleOS for Windows
CastleOS for Windows is our app for Windows-based platforms. While CastleOS is available pre-loaded on our Hub, it is also possible to purchase the software separately and install it on your own Windows computer or server.
The features you see listed on the right describe the features available in the CastleOS system, no matter whether its on the Hub or on your own computer.
CastleOS has very minimal system requirements: Windows 7 and above (or the server equivalent), 2 GB RAM, and any modern Intel CPU.
The cost of CastleOS is $199. Your CastleOS license never expires, and each license comes with one year of free updates for new CastleOS features and device support. After one year any update you downloaded will continue running forever, but to be able to download new updates the upgrade subscription will need to be renewed.
CastleOS has two apps for Windows, the Core Service, our central controller, and the Kinect Service, our Kinect for Windows voice control app. The Kinect Service is what provides the whole-home voice control capability CastleOS is famous for. Only CastleOS provides the "speak out loud" capability - just speak your command outloud, CastleOS is always listening!