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Scott Goffman
Scott Goffman
Posts: 111

Scott Goffman
Scott Goffman
Posts: 111

I have a relay device (Insteon-to-Somfy) that is fairly unreliable; the Insteon switch receives its commands 100% of the time, but the connection between it and the Somfy drapes is only about 75% (e.g. the drapes responds correctly about 3/4 of the time).

The "fix" I'm trying to set up is a simple script to repeat the "On" or "Off" command 3 times in a row, with a few seconds delay between each send.

CastleOS isn't allowing that, however; because the Insteon switch is telling it "I'm already on", CastleOS won't send a "turn on" command.

I've tried using device.currentState = "0", but that doesn't seem to override CastleOS's understanding of the on state (it still won't send "On" even if currentState is "0").

Is there any way to force CastleOS to send a state switch regardless of current perceived state?


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