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Mathias Rauen
Mathias Rauen
Posts: 16

Mathias Rauen
Mathias Rauen
Posts: 16
I've not actually tried CastleOS yet (because it doens't support the KNX protocol yet), so I'm not sure if you maybe already support some of this, but I thought I'd suggest it just in case:

(1) Presence simulation.

I've been told that (at least where I live) thiefs usually come during the day (contrary to what you see in movies), and they usually don't even plan which house to rob in advance. They just walk down a target street to find a house where it seems that nobody is home. So I'm thinking: A good way to stop thiefs would be to make them believe you're at home when you actually aren't. So maybe CastleOS could get a feature to simulate that somebody is at home. E.g. you could switch lights on/off in different rooms at random intervals, start music playback is a room with lights on, drive shutters up/down when it makes sense, etc.

(2) Alarm system.

If CastleOS knows that nobody is supposed to be home, it could fire alarm (e.g. turn every light on to full power in all rooms and outside, plus play a loud alarm audio through all speakers) if it detects human presence in any of the rooms. Using CastleOS as an alarm system would save costs compared to installing a dedicated alarm system.

Of course there would then have to be a way to tell CastleOS that the alarm system should be turned on/off. It's especially important to avoid false alarms. So e.g. if CastleOS detects that somebody enters the house through the front door, that is likely to be me, but it *could* also be a thief. But because it's likely to be me, CastleOS should wait for me to turn the alarm off, and if I don't do that after maybe half a minute or so, CastleOS should friendly remind me before going into full alarm. If however CastleOS detects that somebody enters the house through a window, alarm should be fired immediately.

One somewhat tricky thing would be how to support alarm at night when you're at sleep in the bedroom. In that case obviously CastleOS should not fire an alarm if you wake up, then go downstairs. However, if when you're still sleeping someone enters through the front door or through a window, alarm should be fired. BUT, the one entering through the front door could be my girl friend, so maybe she should be asked nicely by CastleOS to turn of the alarm.

If Kinect can detect (not sure if it's technically possible) somebody entering through a window that could always - even during the day when the alarm system is turned off - be treated as alarm worthy because who else except a thief would ever do that?
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