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Tommy Long
Tommy Long
Posts: 218

Tommy Long
Tommy Long
Posts: 218
With the new Tiles/Icons (1.3.3118) on the Portal "Actives" and "Favorites" here are a couple of comments/feedback:
1) Some of my device names are long covering 2 lines at the top of the tile. Sometimes the second line gets covered by the device Icon.
2) Current dim Level and Power consumption are now gone. Kinda liked those. Can they be put in the tile somewhere?
Hue bulb ICON being a color, maybe OK, but I'm wondering if a color dot in the tile would be better
3) I do like the Icon representations for the most part, particularly the blinds. Its more exciting than the slider buttons.
4) In Favorites, I put the ZWave multisensor 6. Before I could see everything (temp, light level, etc.).
Now all I get is a square box ICON showing nothing.
5) When controlling the dim level or hue color, you have to have a long click on the tile to get to the controls.
A short click will turn the device off (or on). Have inadvertently done a short click a couple of times by mistake instead of a long click and
ended up turning the device off.
When doing accidentally turning the device off on the Portal->Actives, its a pain, for you have to go somewhere
else on the GUI to turn the device back on. Before hand turning the device off on the Portal->Actives, the device still stayed
on the Portal->Actives and you could easily turn it back on if you turned it off by mistake.
6) White Icon denoting "ON" versus Grey Icon denoting "OFF". I'm not always certain which is which. Suggest some symbol to denote
ON vs OFF.
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