Smart Living Made Brilliant!
CastleOS feature spotlight
Intelligence Made Simple
Here's a dirty little secret about "smart" devices: they usually aren't that smart!
Most "smart" devices are barely capable of more than turning on and off on command, and most home "automation" systems are barely capable of more than remote control!
That's where CastleOS comes in!
We offer many ways of making "smart" devices truly intelligent, perhaps not more prominently than with our dedicated Intelligence features named DawnGuard, NightShield, EnergyEye, PermaLight, and HungryPet.
Each offer a simplied path to common home automation tasks. For instance, DawnGuard and NightShield ensure electricity isn't wasted when the sun comes up and lights automatically turn on when it goes down, respectively, while EnergyEye ensures power is not wasted on unoccupied spaces.
PermaLight makes sure a smart device is always set to a specific value, for instance to enable a heat lamp to stay on continuously or a pump to remain flowing. HungryPet takes the chore out of feeing your pets, and gives you some piece of mind in the process.